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About Us

We understand that this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. 

The development of your child during those early years is so important, therefore every day we explore new ways to expand your child’s experience and learning in a fun and stimulating way.

Owls Nursery School offers a friendly, educationally rich environment, with fresh and nutritious meals made by our cook. Our trained team wil care for and nurture your child through their stimulating day with us.

When you leave your child at Owls Nursery School you can have complete peace of mind knowing your child is safe with loving and caring staff; that will treat your child as an individual.

What we offer

  • Up to 30 hours of free childcare
  • Unlimited settling in sessions
  • A named Early Years Professional to document and guide your child’s development throughout their time with us
  • 24/7 access to yours child’s online learning book
  • Approved and appropriate toys and equipment
  • Happy, caring and dedicated team
  • Healthy Meals
  • Exciting and engaging activities which promote early reading, writing and mathematical skills through playful, open ended activities and targeted focused activities
  • Provide education promoting a balance of child led and adult led activities
  • Spacious, bright and clean indoor environment
  • A soft floor in our outside play area
  • Long opening hours ( 7am – 6 30 pm)
  • Ages 2 to 5 years

We teach minds to think, hands to do and hearts to love..

Daily Routine

Firstly, every day is different at our nursery. We have a flexible approach where we respond to the interests of our children, and incorporate a wide range of activities to stimulate and engage everyone. We have a structured schedule that allows creativity within it. Below are the daily routines that are part of nursery life.

7 AM – 7 55 AM – Arrival and child initiated play. Selection of games, colouring and role play activities available to engage the young mind.  8 00 am  – story time

8 30 AM – Breakfast.

9.00 AM – circle time. We share our ideas and experiences. Sing nursery rhymes, cover days of the week, weather, topics of interest.
9.15 AM – 10 AM – Music or dance lesson with an external teacher (2 times a week) or guided play
10.15 AM – snack
10.30 AM – indoor/outdoor child chosen play. Children are encouraged to free flow between the various activities available, choosing those they like or to try something new.
10.30 AM – Preschool session. Maths and literacy focus. We aim to teach every child to write their name, recognize letters, numbers and shapes before they start school.
11.30 AM – Carpet session (Mon and Wed Literacy focus, Tue and Thu – Maths, Fr – Phonics).
12 PM – Lunch
12.30 PM – nap time ( for those children who need an afternoon nap). Non-sleeping children will be offered a range of activities indoors and outdoors.
2 45 PM – Snack
3.00 PM – indoor/outdoor play
4 PM – Dinner

4 20 PM – Story time
4.40 PM – planned afternoon activity ( Focus on personal, social, emotional development and Understanding the world)
5.00 PM – 6.20 PM Indoor/Outdoor child chosen play with a range of stimulating, attractive, fun activities on offer.


We are committed to encouraging a love of learning in our nursery. A great experience of education at this critical age can lay the foundations for success in later life.
Owls Nursery school provides a stimulating and nurturing environment inspiring children to try their best, attempt new things and explore learning and the wider world. We want every child to thrive in this environment, working to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. Early Years Foundation Framework curriculum sets out statutory standards that all early years providers must meet.
The EYFS aims to provide:

  • Quality and consistency in all early years settings
  • A secure foundation for all children for good progress through school and life
  • Partnerships between practitioners and parents
  • Equality of opportunity for all children

EYFS focuses on the three prime areas of learning and four secondary areas, which are critical to making sure that children have the foundations for mastering basic literacy skills as they get older.
As children progress in their learning and development, they go through stages, in their own way and in their own time. As they progress and gain new skills, knowledge and confidence, we monitor and record this, and plan their next steps.

Up to 30 funded hours Tax-free childcare

Please speak to us for details
Call Us 07800 888 083


Fees are payable on monthly basis for calendar month in advance. For example, if you are paying for September, payment must be made before 1st of September. Payments can be made in cash, directly to nursery account or through government account.
1 day (07.00 – 18.30)
From £55 - £60
Option 1
2 YEAR OLD – £60.00
3 YEAR OLD – £55.00
1 day (08 00 – 15 30) – places subject to availability
From £47 - £50
Option 2
2 YEAR OLD –  £50.00
3 YEAR OLD –  £47.00
One day (6 hours)
From £38 - £41
Option 3
2 YEAR OLD – £41.00
3 YEAR OLD – £38.00

Sibling discount: 5% discount applied to the sum payable.

 Overtime: 5 min – £3.00.


We are currently looking to recruit a nursery practitioner or an assistant, who is willing to train towards childcare qualification. Permanent position. Full time or 9 00 – 14 00. Please apply to info@owlsnurseryschool.co.uk